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Best Way to Factory Unlock AT&T Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus G965U

Looking to factory Unlock your AT&T Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus to use with another carrier or to travel? if yes you are on the right place.

Whatever the case, we provide a straightforward unlocking process to unlock your phone However, there are two legal ways you can use to do it see below:.

  • Unlock your Phone for free with AT&T Website
  • Use a third party service to get your unlock code

How to Carrier Unlock your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus using AT&T Website

Few conditions that you must satisfy to receive a free unlock code via the AT&T network. They include:

  1. Your Galaxy S9 must be yours, so it shouldn’t be reported as stolen or missing.
  2. Account must be in good financial standing.
  3. The device must be out of contract
  4. A valid email address
  5. Any pending installment or balance must first be paid up.

If your Galaxy S9 satisfies the conditions for AT&T network, you can proceed to request your unlock code here via this process:

  1. Load the web page
  2. Fill in your IMEI code and email address
  3. Specify your phone model as Galaxy S9 or S9+

Upon submitting the request, you’ll receive an email confirming your submission. If your phone  is eligible for this unlock, you’ll receive another email with the unlock code after 24 hours.

Use a Third-party service to unlock your Galaxy S9 AT&T

Received a message that you’re not qualified to unlock your phone via at&t website? Don’t worry. You can use our unlocking service quick and safe. With more than 5 years’ experience of unlocking Samsung AT&T, we’re the best service you can use today. Whether your Samsung has been reported stolen, has unpaid bills, or is still under contract, We will provide you the code to unlock your phone.

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How to enter your code after receive it

After receiving the unlock code for your Galaxy S9, follow these steps to unlock your phone:

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. Insert an unsupported (non-AT&T SIM card) 
  3. Power on the phone 
  4. Wait for a  prompt to enter the ‘Network Unlock Pin’
  5. Key in the code you received in your email

If code is correct and unlock is successful, you’ll receive a notification saying ‘Congratulations, phone is unlocked.

Benefits of unlocking your AT&T Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus

Here is some very good reasons on why you will need to unlock your AT&T Galaxy S9

  • You can resell the phone at a higher price
  • Your warranty’s validity is protected

  • You don’t need any hardware, software, or technical skills

  • Use your preferred SIM card and enjoy the best carrier tariffs 

  • Use your phone in any country by simply switching SIM cards.


Unlocking your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus is safe, easy, takes a short time, and is a one-time process.

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